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Mail & More


Tracy, CA

Project size


Completion Date

February, 2016

Mail & More
Carpet Removal & Replacement

Our friends over at Mail & More have been working very hard to bring a fresh look to the store. With lots of painting and reorganization going on it was the perfect time to install some new carpet.

They decided to replace the carpet during normal business hours but keep the store open. Going so far as to move a whole register and basic supplies outside for the day, so they could help customers outside while we did our work.

The weather almost threw a wrech into the gears of our plan but it held together just enough for us to finish and get everything moved back inside.

"Spencers did a great job, they were done before we knew it and did a awesome job of cleaning up after themselves. Would highly recommend!" - Jolene F. Manager

If you are in the local Tracy area and need something shipped, faxed, or even notarized, Mail & More is the place to go. With a friendly staff and large number of services offered, we recommend that you find your way through their doors. Learn more about them and what they offer on their website TracyMailAndMore.com